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Creating a "Privacy" SSID with pfSense, VLANs, and a VPN

EDIT (4/12/18): Thanks to the anonymous commenter for the suggestion not to use a public IP range for the new subnet… post is updated w/ a private IP range. A while ago I was thinking that it’d be cool to have a wireless network at our house that was a little more “privacy oriented”. My wife and I have both had situations where we’ve searched for something, and received a barrage of related, sometimes embarassing, advertisements on all platforms (think Google, Facebook, Amazon, and even things like Spotify ads!

Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS: Quick Review

I’ve been using a Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS (ESG) for about 1,400 road miles as of this writing, and I’ve been impressed. I’m coming from a Garmin Edge 510, which set a reasonable bar for performance and functionality. I am especially impressed with the ESG when I consider that it retails for less than half of the 510’s retail price, and for $100+ less than the 510’s newer sibling, the Edge 520… Bottom-line In my opinion, Lezyne has managed to maintain their reputation of high-quality bicycle componentry as they begin their foray into the world of digital GPS head units and watches.

A Dirty Hack to Enable Acceptable Sway WM Screen Recording

TL;DR Background I’ve been running the Wayland display server on my XPS 9550 for a while now, using sway, the drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager. One of the significant changes you’ll notice moving to Wayland from X is that “regular” screen capture tools1 don’t work. This is due to Wayland’s security architecture; applications are no longer allowed access to the full frame buffer. In other words, apps can’t see what other apps are displaying unless they get special permission from the window manager.

Riva Arena Review

EDIT (09/08/2020): RIVA has added AirPlay 2 support for the Arena and the larger Festival speaker, which means you can stream audio from any of your Apple devices to multiple AirPlay2 devices simultaneously. I’ve tested it extensively over the summer, and it works perfectly. In my opinion this makes the Riva Arena tough to pass up as one of the very best compact semi-portable speaker choices, especially at just $150 on Amazon.

Solving Flare-On 2016 Challenge 1 with Angr

Took me way too long to finally getting around to publishing this post, but here it is. Last fall, FireEye announced their 3rd annual Flare-On challenge. It’s sort of a recruiting thing for them, I think – if you solve all the challenges (and especially if you solve them quickly), sounds like you might get an interview/job offer – after all, “The challenge runs the gamut of skills we believe are necessary to succeed on the FLARE team”.

Installing Angr in Windows

EDIT (7/15/2017): Updated instructions below. You no longer need Cygwin! Angr installs… seems to work mostly fine… but Z3 runs out of memory and crashes once it hits about 2GB. Not sure what’s going on with that; haven’t had a lot of time to troubleshoot yet. Also haven’t tested Unicorn – probably doesn’t work, either. I’ve decided to pursue building an IDA Pro Angr plugin, especially after seeing that this is actually something on the Angr | HELP WANTED page – I should have looked at that a long time ago!