When I like something, I tend to really like it.

And, often to all involved parties' detriment and dismay, I tend to like to talk about the things that I like.

For example, if you've ever talked with me before, you've probably heard words like 'Costco', 'bikes', 'Lenovo', or 'Linux'. If you haven't talked to me before, you've heard them now. I like all of those things. People would probably prefer it if I talked about things that interest them.

Here are a few other things I like:

Check it out:


Look at all the space! The auto-completion! The symmetry! The colors!

I like the colors. Now you know why this blog looks like it does. It matches my desktop. I may wear plaid shorts with striped shirts, but I will match my blog with my desktop.

My dotfiles, if you're interested. Repo is a bit messy -- always a work in progress.

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