Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS: Quick Review


I’ve been using a Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS (ESG) for about 1,400 road miles as of this writing, and I’ve been impressed. I’m coming from a Garmin Edge 510, which set a reasonable bar for performance and functionality. I am especially impressed with the ESG when I consider that it retails for less than half of the 510’s retail price, and for $100+ less than the 510’s newer sibling, the Edge 520… Bottom-line In my opinion, Lezyne has managed to maintain their reputation of high-quality bicycle componentry as they begin their foray into the world of digital GPS head units and watches.1 I don’t know where/how they managed to find their software/electrical engineers, but they seem to be doing a great job! I’m really happy with the Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS, especially for the price2.


  • The battery life really is stellar. I think I’ve only seen it get below 20% once, and I only charge it once per week. I average 6-7 hours of riding per week, with my longest week with the Lezyne at around 12 or 13 hours. A recent century I rode used only 27% of the battery! This is with ANT+ power meter + heart rate + speed sensor, and an always-on Bluetooth connection to my phone.
  • Lezyne seems to be on top of the firmware update game. They’ve pushed out multiple updates since I received the device, which have added various new features, like the ability to have up to 8 data points visible per screen3, and the ability to auto-upload rides as soon as you save them.
  • The routing and navigation capabilities via the Lezyne phone app are super handy! It’s also super nice to be able to push a TCX file (provided you’ve uploaded it to Lezyne GPS Root, at least) from your phone to the head unit, with no need for a laptop. Something I’d always wanted with my Garmin!!
  • The on-device menus and settings are not terribly hard to navigate, BUT, you can change every single device setting (like the data points you want displayed, or bike details, or backlight timeouts, or auto-pause when stopped, etc.) from the app on your phone anyway! Super nice!!
  • It’s not as sleek-looking as Garmins, but the color scheme matches by road bike.
  • My wife appreciates the auto-live-tracking functionality via your phone’s Internet!


  • The EGS does have a backlight, but I haven’t figured out a way to make it always stay on. That’s sort of a bummer if I’m outside riding in the dark (which isn’t terribly often). But, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this functionality in a firmware update in the future – hopefully!
  • The screen is a little smaller than the Garmin Edge 510, so it is just a little harder to read.
  • I don’t believe there is a “distance ‘til next turn” data point yet, which my Garmin Edge 510 had. Not a dealbreaker, but definitely something on my firmware update wish list.


  • I don’t have Strava Premium, and therefore have not tested out the Live Segments functionality/UI.
  • I wish the on-screen navigation was fancier (i.e. like showing an actual map with roads…) than the breadcrumb style that the Garmin Edge 510 had, but it’s really not. However, it’s not any worse, so not a big deal!
  • Smart phone notifications displayed on the device seem kinda hit-or-miss, but I don’t really care. I should probably just turn this feature off, anyway.


Here are some photos of the device and some screenshots of the Lezyne GPS Ally v2 Android app. Let me know if there are any other particular settings or things you’d like to see!

Note that the head unit is showing 73% battery remaining… that’s what was left after riding the 2017 Seagull Century, starting at a 100% charge, with an ANT+ power meter, speed sensor, HRM, Lezyne Track enabled, and routing/navigation enabled!

BacklightNo BacklightMy default data pageOn-device navigation settings
Phone app bike settingsPhone app settingsPhone app data page setupPhone app routing and navigation

  1. Lezyne appears to have first entered the GPS head unit market in 2016… and frankly, I’ve not seen/heard much about their 2016 model year devices. Maybe they all sucked. Regardless, their 2017 lineup, which includes the Enhanced Super GPS, is strong. ↩︎

  2. I actually got my Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS “used, in very good condition” off Amazon for just $125… had that option not been available, I would have happily paid the full price! ↩︎

  3. When I first got the Enhanced Super GPS, it could only show 4 data points per screen – a big step down from the Edge 510. ↩︎